Welcome to the page of Kler Flower Export. Here you will be able to find all the information necessary to initiate or continue a profitable business: import of flowers.
Ecuador is located in the North -West of South America, on the equinoctial line. It is crossed by a great amount of active volcanoes, that are part of the mountain range of Los Andes. Due to this geographical situation, the land and the climate are ideal for the plantation of roses that have a great resistance to the trips and a world-wide recognized quality and exotic colors.
The great majority of flowers (roses, carnations, miniroses, minicarnations, tropical flowers,summer flowers, gypsophilia) produced here, are exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia.




Kler Flower Export is a company that trades with flowers at a world-wide level. This company was born with the idea to make the acquisition of flowers on the part of importers, easier worldwide, therefore it is avoided to buy flowers of a single plantation and bigger variety (of prices and sort of flowers) is obtained. Below you can "click" on the boxes, in order to see more information on our three products which are, roses, summer flowers, tropical flowers.



The company has been working for over 10 years with the same efficiency which it began, it means an efficiency of first level, that guarantees good quality of fresh flower delivery on the other end.

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is the operational base of Kler Flower Export, from where all the processes for the boarding of their flower are coordinated.
The compromise we have with all our clients is the fulfillment of all their exigencies. 
In short, the history of Kler Flower Export, is a history of mutual confidence.


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